Wonder Grip Thermo+ Double Latex Coated Gloves {All sizes}

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Wonder Grip Thermo Plus Latex Gloves {All sizes}

These Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves are a durable latex fully double coated glove that provides great hand protection. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves have a sponge like forms that create a suction effect much like an Octopus tentacles suction disks which gives excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions for safe and secure handling. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves with Latex coating are soft, slip resistant and do not go rigid even when working at low temperatures. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves is fully double coated with latex a waterproof palm and back of the hand and includes a 13 gauge napped acrylic liner and can be used when dexterity is need in wet and cold conditions to keep hands dry, comfortable and warm, but not making the glove bulky and rigid. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves latex coated finish gives protection offering good puncture, tear and abrasion resistance against mechanical hazards. The Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves process has taken these benefits to a new level.
Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves comfortable lined glove giving wet protection and thermal protection, ideal for freezer work and outdoor winter activities. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves safety handling glove with integral elasticated wrist provides a snug fit for maximum dexterity for the most tactile of applications.

Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves, known as the most versatile latex, the range of materials that the basic resin can be synthesized too make it so. When it comes to glove coatings, latex has the unique quality of being gripper without being sticky. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves latex’s softness, combined with great puncture and abrasion resistance, make it a very desirable coating for cut-resistant gloves, because it provides grip and boosts puncture resistance, all without adding bulk or reducing touch sensitivity. The low-particulate shed makes it a perfect choice for those working with electronics and in clean rooms. Despite the lightweight construction flexibility and strength is maintained due to the quality of the latex double coating. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves latex coating provides a non slip grip, great for handling delicate items or fine assembly work light, comfortable, material, for add protection while working the Wonder Grip Thermo Plus WG 338 Gloves coated safety gloves are ideal for all round work, for the professional builder to the gardening amateur safety gloves are a hard wearing glove giving excellent value ideal: for Construction, bricklaying, building, ground work, general work, do it yourself, landscaping, warehouse work, everyday work conditions.

Conforms to EN388 Cat 11.
The 4 digit Numbers above are scores for –
Mechanical hazard tests (EN388) / Performance Level 5 is the Highest Rating.
(a) Abrasion Resistance = 2
(b) Blade Cut Resistance = 2
(c) Tear Resistance = 3
(d) Puncture Resistance = 1

EN511 Cold Protection 0.1.x.

Sizes available:07 = Small, 08 = Medium, 09 = Large, 10 = Extra Large, 11 = Extra Extra Large.

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