Our business is all about providing the best possible prices to our customers.
We're so dedicated to saving you money that we will price match any of our competitors.

This means that when a competitor offers exactly the same product at exactly the same price, we will aim to beat their price.

We try our best to work out what the competition is charging and beat them already, but it's hard when we sell so many products - so you may have to point us in the right direction. 

Who Do We Match Against?

We price match with products that are

  1. Publicly available on the internet for sale from retail companies and traders 
  2. From companies that are physically located in the UK 
  3. From companies that deliver to UK addresses

We do not price match products that

  1. Have been posted in error
  2. Are below our cost price
  3. Are on a wholesale or bulk discount
  4. Are part of a special promotion, discount code or free offer
  5. From a competitor that has gone into administration or is closing down
  6. Are for sale on Amazon

Claiming Low Price Match

To benefit from the low price match, we will need the following information from you. 

  1. The competitors name
  2. The name of the product and the competitors price
  3. A link to the product web page

Conditions of Claiming

  1. The product on our site and the competitors must be identical including but not limited to - size, weight, flavour, brand, colour and condition.
  2. The competitor must have the product in stock
  3. The product must be brand new, unopened and in its original packaging
  4. If delivery is free, we will take that into consideration when comparing with competitors prices
  5. We will take any applicable VAT into consideration 

If you have all the relevant information and the product meets the critera you can contact our sales advisors on 0151 707 7090, Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, or email orders@ukbusinesssupplies.co.uk to claim your Low Price Match.

Please note: We reserve the right not the grant a low price guarantee in the circumstance that we think an offer has been posted in error.