Vitax Winter Tree Wash 500ml

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Vitax Winter Tree Wash 500ml

Vitax Winter Tree Wash has been specifically formulated to control over-wintering pests on fruit trees, fruit bushes and vines. This product is a blend of natural plant and fish oils suitable for use on edible and ornamental crops which works purely by physical means. It will control the eggs, larvae and nymphs of aphids such as greenfly, blackfly and whitefly, and other over-wintering insect pests found on fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, cherries, blackberries and black currants. It can also be used on vines grown in greenhouses.

For best results Vitax Winter Tree Wash should be applied during calm dry conditions in the dormant period (November to February), and repeated if necessary just prior to bud break in early spring. It should be applied as a fine spray, thoroughly covering all bark surfaces, with particular attention being paid to the crooks of branches and stems where pests may hide.

Vitax Winter Tree Wash is suitable for organic gardening.

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