Typhoo One Cup Tea Bag (Pack of 1100) CB029

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Typhoo One Cup Tea Bag (Pack of 1100) CB029

Typhoo One Cup Tea Bags (1100 Pack) A00786

First sold in 1903, Typhoo is an expertly blended black tea that tastes delicious with or without milk and sugar. This large catering pack is ideal for high volume users. Typhoo tea is sourced from tea suppliers that meet the living and working conditions specified by the Typhoo Quality Assurance Programme. This bulk pack contains 1,100 tea bags, ideal for caterers or shared kitchens.

  • Catering pack of one cup tea bags
  • Expertly blended for the perfect Typhoo taste
  • Refreshing at any time of day
  • A British institution since 1903
  • Supplied in catering-size carry bag
  • Pack of 1100 bags

The story of tea began in ancient China. One legend has it that, around 5000 years ago, an emperor called Shen Nung ruled the land and was an accomplished sovereign and a gifted scientist, herbalist and a patron of the arts. One of his proclamations was that all drinking water had to be boiled for hygienic reasons.

The story goes that the emperor was visiting his citizens in a distant realm and had stopped to rest. His servants began to boil water for the emperor and his court to drink when dried leaves from a nearby bush fell into the boiling water. The leaves caused the liquid to turn brown and this caught the Emperor's scientific interest, he drank the liquid and found it refreshing. The bush from which the leaves had fallen was Camellia Sinensis and the drink was what we now know as tea.

Tea grew in popularity during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) and by the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) tea was the national drink of China.

During the late 8th century Japanese Buddhist monks, who had travelled to China to pursue their studies, introduced tea to Japan.

In China, tea lost popularity during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368), when the Mongol rulers thought tea drinking to be decadent. It returned to favour under the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) who revived Chinese traditions, tea being one of them.

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Mary Aldeburgh (mar-mal-2cykdwem)
Recommend Supplier

Great tea, supplied and delivered promptly and at a good price. I recommend this supplier without hesitation.

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