Thermal Till Rolls BPA FREE by Roll-X (Size 80x80)

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80mm x 80mm {Full Case x 20 Rolls}: 1 {20 Rolls}
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Till roll 80x80 for Cash registers -BPA Free Thermal Till Rolls 80 x 80mm - Receipt Paper (Pack of 20 Rolls)

Chip and Pin Till Rolls 1 Ply Thermal Pack of 20 80mm x 80mm x 13mm Core White

Case x 20 rolls, wrapped in sleeves of 5
Width x 80mm
Diametre x 80mm
Core x 13mm

Please note that this till roll pack is now BPA free thermal till rolls.

BPA is short for Bisphenol A, a chemical compound used in the production of plastics and thermal till paper rolls. Which is why we have now changed our till rolls to a more eco-friendly and safer material for our customers

About Roll-X

During our years of experience in the cash register and EPOS business we have seen many tills rendered useless from the use of low grade paper. All Roll-X Quality Assured Till Rolls are manufactured using only the best quality paper.

The problem with low grade till rolls, is that dust comes off the paper. The dust builds up and eventually causes the printer to jam rendering your till useless.

Protect your machines and use Roll-X Thermal Till Rolls. Our till rolls are high quality one ply paper with a shiny, smooth surface. Thermal paper has a heat sensitive coating that reacts to a heated print head to produce a clear and readable image or text. No ribbons are required with Roll-X Thermal rolls. For use in EPOS/cash registers and credit card terminals.


For use in EPOS/cash registers and credit card terminals Samsung Giant 100D, Samsung SPS 530, Sharp UP811, Toshiba B-431, Toshiba B-443, Toshiba B-452, Toshiba B-452 HS, Toshiba TRS 56, Toshiba TRST A00, Toshiba TRST-56, Casio QT2000, Casio QT6000, Casio UP360, Casio VR-100, Geller BTP-R380, Geller R380, Uniwell CBM 123, Uniwell CBM 233, Uniwell CBM231, Uniwell CBM233, Uniwell SX6750, Uniwell SX7500, Uniwell SX8500, Uniwell TP-832, Ncr 7156, Ncr 7167, Ncr 7193, Ncr 7194, Tec TRST-53, Sam 4s ER-600R, Sam 4s Giant 100D, Sam 4s SPS 530, Citizen CBM1000, Citizen CBM230, Citizen CBM231, Citizen CBM232, Citizen CBM233, Citizen CBM253, Citizen CT-S300, Citizen IDP310, Citizen IDP3210, Citizen IDP3221, Citizen IDP3310, Citizen IDP3535, FIDELITY CR2010T, FIDELITY CR2510T, FIDELITY CR715T, Epson BTP 2002NP, Epson EU-T432, Epson EU-T532, Epson H5000, Epson IR-320, Epson IR-700, Epson M-129B, Epson M-129C, Epson M-129H, Epson M-T301, Epson M-T301A, Epson M225A, Epson M244a, Epson M249a, Epson T-90 SERIES, Epson TM-188 IV

Don't know if these rolls are compatible? Contact UK Business Supplies on 0151 707 7090 and we will be happy to discuss your query.

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