Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fast Green Lawn Food Spreader 80m2

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Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fast Green Lawn Food Spreader 80m2

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Fast Green Lawn Food guarantees a superior deeper greening in just 3 days. It is a dual action lawn food with added iron supplement and helps build a thick lawn with stronger roots. Children and pet friendly.

How to use
1. Press down the yellow spout and slide back the green overcap.
2. Flip the spout over.
3. Walking at a brisk pace of 1.5m/second, invert the dispenser so that the spout points towards the ground and the granules flow freely.
4. Maintain the spout at a comfortable height off the ground (at least 45cm). Spread across the lawn area in even strips. Avoid overlapping. When you stop walking raise the spout to stop the flow of granules.

Maximum individual dose: 35g of product per square metre.

What about children and pets?
Children and pets need not be kept out of the treated area.

Where to use
Suitable for established lawns. Apply when the weather is fair, the soil moist, the grass dry and frost free.

How often to apply
Re-application is every 6 weeks.

Fertiliser analysis
NPK 16-0-5 + 2% iron.

Ferrous Sulphate can cause brown stains on clothes, paving slabs, etc. Water product in before walking on the lawn to avoid staining. Brush off immediately if spilt.
Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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