Lyons Coffee Break One Cup Decaf Coffee Bags (18 Sachets)

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Lyons - making great coffee since 1904.

  • A small box of 18 x 7g of Lyons Decaf Coffee bags.
  • These Lyons decaf coffee bags are ideal for a quick way to make decaffeinated coffee without the hassle of a grinder or a French press.
  • For those who are unsure about these Lyons, Decaf coffee bags imagine an individually wrapped decaf coffee bag version of a tea bag.

Brewing the perfect cup of Lyons Decaffeinated Coffee:

Pop the Lyons decaffeinated coffee bag in a mug or cup. Pour on freshly boiled water. The Lyons decaf coffee bag releases a rich coffee colour immediately... but let it brew for 3-4 minutes.Time may be adjusted according to your preferred taste. Remove the Lyons coffee bag and enjoy!

The Lyons decaf coffee bag, all the great taste of Lyons coffee without the caffeine!

Great for work, at home, on holiday, camping or in a rush. Also, because Lyons Decaffeinated coffee bags are individually packed so you can enjoy a fresh Lyons decaf coffee anywhere!

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