Levington Tomorite Liquid Tomato Fertiliser 4 x 500ml

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Tomorite concentrated tomato feed provides your plants with everything they need to grow healthy and strong. The food is enriched with seaweed which encourages a higher yield of full flavoured, high quality tomatoes. It can also be used for other special food crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines.

Directions for use:

  • Using measure provided, Dilute 20ml in 4.5L (1 gallon) of water.
  • Apply diluted mixture to base of plant, avoiding leaves.
  • Greenhouse - Start feeding when first truss of tomatoes has set (stem with small green fruits). Feed at alternate waterings.
  • Outdoors - Start feeding when second truss has set. Feed every 7-14 days and use 4.5 L per 2 plants
  • Grow Bags - Use 4.5L per bag. Outdoors, feed once a week. In greenhouse increase to twice a week when second truss has set.

Additional Information:

  • Concentrated tomato food.
  • 4 x 500ml Bottle.
  • Nitrogen based fertiliser.
  • Shake before use.

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