Kenco Westminster Filter & Cafetiere Coffee 1kg

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Kenco Westminster Medium Roast Filter & Cafetiere Coffee 1kg 

Kenco Westminster Medium Roast Filter & Cafetiere Coffee 1kg 

With a rich and full flavour, Kenco Westminster Medium Roast Filter & Cafetiere Coffee provides you with a complex and delicious drink. Designed for use with your cafetiere, this coffee is a cut above the normal standard of instant coffee, providing you with a drink that is easy to make, but of a high quality. This bulk pack contains 1kg.

  • Deliciously rich coffee
  • Works perfectly with your cafetiere
  • Complex and subtle blend
  • No need to roast or grind
  • Perfect for the office or the home
  • 1kg bag

t’s no secret that coffee is a handed-down beverage that is widely enjoyed worldwide. It has become a favourite commonplace drink across all age groups thanks to its refreshing and sobering caffeine levels. A horde of studies has even shown the extensive benefits a person stands to gain from consuming coffee on a daily basis. Other myths have also played a significant role in fuelling the popularity of coffee, especially those that claim that drinking coffee regularly improves mental concentration levels and quadruple one’s brain functionality! But that’s a story for another day.

Nonetheless, theoretically and strictly scientifically speaking, coffee can help those battling obesity and an unhealthy weight gain. It has been proven to be a useful accompaniment to the fat burning process – something that makes it the ideal drink to incorporate in your weight loss diet program.

Furthermore, a cup of coffee contains essential nutrients for your body like Riboflavin, Pantothetic Acid, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, and Niacin. It’s amazing how all these nutrients are packed in every cup of coffee you sip – although we take a lot for granted.

But making the best coffee drink requires more than knowing all the nutritional values that come with each cup of coffee. It takes exceptional coffee making skills and the right equipment to deliver that great mouth feel, flavour, and texture we all look forward to at the start of every day.

What is so special about the Cafetiere?

There are many coffee brewing techniques one can use depending on the type of drink you wish to make and, of course, your preferences. While some people enjoy coffee made using equipment like espresso machines or baristas in cafes, others prefer their cuppas brewed the old traditional way in their homes.

That aside, one of the best ways to make a deliciously good cup of coffee goodness is by using a Cafetiere. For those who have watched Jason Segal’s character in Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Cafetiere befits the same character. It is the perfect equipment that anyone needs to make good coffee.

Also popularly known as the French press or coffee press, the Cafetiere is simply a cylindrically shaped beaker with a plunger. The main housing can either be a glass, plastic or steel encasement. The piston is made of mesh designed to let through the liquid while blocking the larger coffee grounds.

In other coffee brewing methods, the beans grind size and the amount of coffee you wish to make quite often affect the flow of water through the coffee. It also affects your total brewing time too. This problem is noticeable too in pour-over, drip brewing and, at times, with an espresso machine. But the story is quite different when using a Cafetiere.

With this machine, the grind size, brew yield and brew time are not intertwined. What’s more, the Cafetiere can be used to make a bit or a lot of coffee depending on how much coffee you need. You also have the luxury of the perfect coffee grind already done for you, and brewing can be stopped anytime: either in 10 seconds or even ten days! As you can see, none of the variables affect it.

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