HG Sweat & Deodorant Remover 250ml



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HG Sweat & Deodorant Remover 250ml

Perspiration and deodorant can cause persistent yellow stains in fabrics. These stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergents or stain removers. HG perspiration and deodorant stain Remover is the effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for White and coloured fabrics. Using this product before every wash also prevents these types of stains. Spray a liberal amount of liquid on the stains and leave to absorb for 30 minutes, without allowing the liquid to dry out. Prevent the liquid from coming into contact with other materials or surfaces, because this can cause damage and/or stains. Put the treated fabric in the washing machine and wash it as usual with the recommended amount of main detergent at Max 60°c. Always comply with the care label. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

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