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HG Mattress Odour Remover, Freshener & Stale Smell Remover, Refreshes & Neutralises the Source of Unpleasant Scents – 500ml

HG mattress freshener is for regular and convenient freshening up of a mattress. Over time mattresses can start to smell less fresh due to night-time perspiration, but particularly due to heavy perspiration during flu, urine loss or vomit.

This Organic product based on enzymes and microbes does not mask odours but removes them effectively.

For regular freshening up we recommend spraying the mattress lightly with HG mattress freshener every time you change the bed linen.

When you wish to remove problem odours, such as urine or vomit, remove the source of the odour first and then spray the mattress liberally with HG mattress freshener.

When the mattress is dry, you can make the bed again.

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