Dri-Pak Cleaning Soda Crystals - 1kg

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Dri-Pak Cleaning Soda Crystals - 1kg

Before the advent of modern cleaning products, soda crystals were the go-to product for cleaning around the home. These versatile little gems can be used to do all kinds of jobs, from deodorising the washing machine to removing moss and algae from the patio. These naturally occurring and biodegradable crystals are also eco-friendly. Sometimes newer is not better, so ditch the liquids, gels, pills and packets of modernity and opt for the old fashioned option that really works.

Use Soda Crystals to…

  • Remove burnt on deposits in pots and pans
  • Keep sinks and drains blockage free
  • Remove grease in household cleaning and laundry
  • Remove moss and algae from the patio
  • Clean silver jewellery


  • Weight: 1kg
  • White crystals
  • Keep in a cool, dry place

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