D-Line Black Cable Cover 80mmx1.8m

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D-Line Black Cable Cover 80mmx1.8m

D-Line (1.8m) Linkable Floor Cable Cover (80mm Wide) with C/W Connectors (Black)

Floor Cable Cover does as its name suggests - covers cables across floors, protecting them while eliminating a common trip hazard. The lengths are durable, abrasion resistant and will not discolour in sunlight. All products are supplied coiled, and simply uncoil to lay flat. D-Line Medium Duty Cable Covers can be joined together to make longer runs when necessary, by using our unique Push in - Pull Apart connectors. All Medium Duty types have a (patent-pending) feature of being linkable, making them uniquely versatile. Each length is supplied with 2 ribbed connector pins. Simply push these connector pins into pin holes to join 2 or more lengths, to make the run as long as required! Pull apart to release if necessary. The ribbed back makes the lengths non-slip, so saving the need for adhesive tape, while the pre-split makes installation quick and easy


  • 1.8 Metres in Length
  • Linkable for Long Cable Runs
  • Protect Cables and Prevents Trip Hazards
  • Non Slip Material

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