Belgravia 25cl/8oz Biodegradable Brown & Green Ripple Cup (Pack of 25) REDUCED to CLEAR

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Belgravia 25cl/8oz Biodegradable Brown & Green Ripple Cup (Pack of 25) 

These hot drink cups are designed to keep heat in the cups and away from the fingers carrying it. The triple walled design insulates the contents to keep them hot while preventing the heat from burning fingers. The corrugated outer layer eliminates the need for a further protective sleeve or double cupping as the hot drink can be comfortably carried. Designed for hot drinks and soup, these 25cl /8oz cups can be composted and recycled* after use and will stack easily during storage.

  • Triple walled cups for insulation of contents
  • Eliminates the need for double cupping or a further protective sleeve
  • The corrugated outer paper coating provides insulation
  • Designed for takeaway hot drinks and soup
  • Suitable for recycling
  • Supplied in a Boxes of 25
  • Capacity: 25cl (8oz)
  • Sip through lids available separately
  • Colour: Brown & Green
  • Fully Recycled & Compostable 

This cup is biodegradable - which means it is manufactured to break down naturally and decompose in the environment over a relatively short period of time. Made from materials like paper or cardboard and coated with PLA (polylactic acid), which is made from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugarcane. Our Cups are labelled as Biodegradable so the customer knows you care. 

Customer Reviews

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Jean Kay
Good, compostable cups

My local photographic club has decided to move to compostable cups for our hot drinks, and there aren't too many options available that can be home composted. These cups are ideal as they are comfortable to hold, and the ripple feature means that they aren't too hot. I have knocked off 1 star simply as they are so costly, but hopefully over time the cost will reduce.

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