Spring Cleaning

It's time for some Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning encourages everything from properly disposing of outdated pharmaceuticals to removing litter from t­he UK’s parks. It’s a collective movement that has established spring cleaning as a ritual throughout the modern world.

Spring Cleaning Facts

1. Chinese Tradition

The Chinese were the first ones to start the world tradition of spring-cleaning. This very old tradition comes from their Chinese New Year. People believed that cleaning the home before the New Year could help their get rid of their bad luck the past year. People have taken this seriously for many years. Many of the people believed that this would also bring them incredible fortune in the upcoming year as well.

2. Spring-cleaning is something that we have done for an extremely long time 

Many psychologists are starting to consider the fact that cleaning our living spaces after the winter is something that we do naturally. They suggest that because humans are not exposed too much direct sunlight in the winter, certain chemicals in our body are not produced. This is one reason why people gain weight, or feel tired during the winter. During the springtime, when our bodies start getting exposed to sunlight in high amounts, we begin reproducing the chemical that could give us the energy boost to do something. Logically, one of the best things to do, would be to clean all of the mess that was made the last four months.

Cleaning Essentials

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