Rolson Multi Function Emergency Light

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Rolson Multi Function Emergency Light

Multi Function Emergency Light

If there is one tool you keep in your car make sure its this, as one day it could save your life. This handy multi function emergency light has many features to offer you, other than the power of light of course, that could prove vital in tricky situations on your car journeys.

Nobody likes to think that they will ever be in a bad car accident, but if you are ever unlucky enough to experience one, this multi function light could prove very useful - as it provides you with the possibilities of cutting the seat belt off, or smashing the window in order to free yourself from the inside of your vehicle if need be.

In terms of the light capabilities of this emergency light, there is a high intensity flashing red LED to which other drivers are able to see from a distance of up to 500 yards, and there is a flashlight feature that produces a white LED - with an added bonus being that the bulb will never need to be replaced.

All in all this emergency light from Rolson, gives you many reasons for its purchase - and it could be a purchase that even saves your life one day!

  • Seat Belt Cutter: This added safety feature allows the driver to cut the seat belt off in the event of an accident or emergency situation.
  • Magnetic Base: Attach to any steel surface of the vehicle in emergencies for hands free operation.
  • Emergency Glass Hammer: The steel spike feature allows the driver of the occupant to be able to shatter the window and escape the vehicle.
  • Weatherproof: This unit is weatherproof under normal usage
  • 360 Degrees Flashing Beacon: The high intensity flashing red LED’s allow other drivers to see the beacon from a distance of up to 500 yards in all directions.
  • Flashlight: The 3 in 1 emergency beacon provides a high intensity white led flashlight or can be attached to any steel surface and you never have to change the bulb.

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