Polygrip Clear Plastic Bags (PGHW60) 305x406mm 70mu" (x 500)


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Polygrip Clear Plastic Bags (PGHW60) 305x406mm 70mu" (x 500)

These heavy duty clear resealable plastic bags are ideal to protect products from dirt and moisture while they are being stored or transported. Made of durable polythene ideal for occasions when a stronger back is required. The heavyweight grip seal bags are available in many sizes to help pack items in an organised and presentable manner. The bags are excellent for storage since their acid-free material ensures that they do not become wrinkled over time.

These heavy duty plastic resealable bags can be used for countless applications: to ship items, sell goods or to store stock and materials. They are superb for heavier items thanks to their durability and strength, and being grip-seal bags they eliminate the need for heat sealers, staples or twist ties.
The high clarity of the polythene material allows you to check on items without having to open them, thus making organising and/or sorting easier, and as the reclosable bags are made of acid-free material, you can count on them not to wrinkle or pucker over time.

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