Pest-Stop Automatic Metal Mouse Trap {holds upto 15 mice, PSPAMT}

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Pest-Stop Automatic Metal Mouse Trap {holds upto 15 mice, PSPAMT}

The Pest Stop Automatic Metal Mouse Trap is an automated and safe solution to catching mice...up to fifteen of them! Twist the Automatic Mouse Trap's clockwork action winder mechanism to set the timer and then place in the optimal position (usually along a wall where they have been known to travel) and when they enter one of the two entry points, they are trapped inside to be viewed through the clear plastic inspection window on the top of the mouse trap. Not only is this mechanical mouse trap safe to use in the home and workplace where poisons or other dangerous mouse catching techniques are unsuitable, it is also humane and a lot less stressful to the mice who benefit from the extra ventilation points.

Pest Stop Automatic Metal Mouse Trap Details:

  • Simple to use – simply wind the mechanism and position the trap
  • Two entry points for added catch-ability.
  • Clear plastic inspection window in lid
  • Extra ventilation points to reduce stress to captured mice
  • Easy to use
  • No bait or chemicals
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Automatic re-set for up to 15 captures
  • Dimensions: H 145mm x W 240mm x D 200m
  • Product Weight (Exc pack): 1.2kg

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