Janit-X 20 Inch White 2 Ply Hygiene Couch Rolls (9 Rolls)

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  • The term Couch Roll comes from the fact that the paper is pulled over the seat/bed, (also known as couch) the patient/customer lies on. By including the sheet of Couch Roll you are greatly lowering the risk of any contamination between patients/clients.
  • High quality absorbent 2 ply tissue
  • The preferred choice for medical and beauty industries
  • The rolls are individually polythene wrapped for increased hygiene
  • Manufacturer Part No: 659 / 722
  • Suitable For Vets, Medical Centres, Health Clinics, Sports Centres, Physiotherapists, Chiropadists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Parlours and Health & Beauty Salons.
  • 9 Rolls

Why Janit X Couch Rolls?

Janit X is a cost effective, premium bulk brand of cleaning solutions specifically for industrial and business use. Our Couch Rolls are individually wrapped for further protection and provide excellent value without compromising on quality

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