Caffesso Nespresso Compatible 60's Mixed Pack

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Caffesso Nespresso Compatible 60's Mixed Pack

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Nespresso Compatible Pods

1 Box = 1 Flavour = 10 Pods
Mix & match 6 boxes from the below flavours


Choose 6 boxes from the list below and send them to us as a message quoting order number. If no message is sent a random selection of the best will be sent.

Designed to work in either the Nespresso machine or the Coffee Club Machine this high quality alternative to Nespresso are a must for everyone who enjoys good tasting coffee. 6 boxes of 10 pods bursting with flavour.

Do you love your Nespresso Coffee? Well we know you will soon fall in love with these great tasting alternatives.

We have some great tasting flavours for you to choose from:

Italiano Intensity 6
A heady blend of flavour and aroma, including floral, caramel and earthy notes characteristic of popular mid-Italian espressos.

Intensity 9
100% Arabica: high grown beans from South and Central America merges with East African coffee to create a tangy full-bodied espresso.

Intensity 12
Blending beans from their oldest origins, this powerful espresso exudes the flavours of Ethiopia, Mexico, India and Colombia with a hint of cocoa and citrus ‘bite.

Lungo Forte Intensity 8
A stronger blend of Colombian, African and Latin Americano beans with a subtle smoky note, ideal for a longer smooth American style coffee.

Indiano Intensity 11
With intense aroma and high caffeine, our slow, dark roasted Indiano blend combines richness and body in its heady flavour, characteristic of the sub-continent.

Grande Gusto (VARIETY PACK)
A selection of eight great tasting blends: 2x Forza Roma, 2x Intenso, 1x Indiano, 1x Decaffeinato, 1x Milano, 1x Aromatico, 1x Italiano, 1x Lungo

Forza Roma
Intensity 10
If you enjoy Merlot, you’ll love our strong espresso expertly crafted from Brazilian, Indian and African coffees. Powerful.

Aromatico Intensity 7
A well balanced Southern Italian espresso boasting a roasted chocolate and aromatic character with a subtle bouquet. 

Decaffeinato Intensity 6
An eloquent blend of Indian body and South American fruitiness for a remarkably distinctive yet delicate taste.

Sidamo Intensity 10

A single origin blend from a premier coffee region roasted to provide a well-balanced coffee with soft floral undertones and low acidity.

Colombian Intensity 10
Premium beans from Colombia carefully roasted to strike a good balance between flavour, acidity and body.

Vanilla Intensity 5

A slowly roasted blend of South American and Indian coffees with a delicious vanilla twist.

Caramel Intensity 5

A perfect blend of slowly roasted South American and Asian coffees with delicious hints of caramel.

Chocolate Intensity 5

A smooth creamy blend of South American and Indian coffees with delicious hints of rich dark chocolate.

Pods not compatible with the Vertuo Coffee Machine

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