AF Sprayduster Zero 420ml

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AF Sprayduster Zero 420ml

AF Sprayduster ZERO (420ml) Aerosol with Active Carbon

The award winning Sprayduster ZERO has been specially designed to combat dust and grime from inaccessible areas. This unique technology is a 'World's first' to market product benefitting from zero harm to the atmosphere. The sprayduster ZERO is an all-rounder with the option for invertible use to ensure you can reach inaccessible areas safely, with 3 power settings the user can control the strength of the blast, it remains odourless and is also non-flammable. Excellent for use on various hard to reach areas for ultimate dust free equipment and surfaces. Fully compliant with changing F-gas regulations as of 1/1/18.


    • The Worlds First active carbon Sprayduster

    • ZERO contribution to the worlds CO2 levels

    • ZERO flammability

    • ZERO risk of combustion

    • ZERO odour

    • ZERO limitation on spray angle

    • ZERO toxicity

    • Suitable For: Keyboards, Printers, Photocopiers, Fax machines, Cameras, Delicate electronic equipment

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