Addis Dustpan & Brush Set Metallic

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Addis Stiff Bristle Dustpan Set Metallic
Addis Stiff Bristle Dustpan Set Metallic

This Addis dustpan and stiff brush set might seem basic on first sight but it includes a number of clever design features.

Made from tough metallic coloured plastic the deep back to the pan stops dirt falling out or being swept over it and the rubber lip to the front acts as a mini ramp for for more efficient dirt collection.

The serrated edge of the dustpan isn't just for show - it will help remove dirt from the bristles when the brush is run over it.

The dustpan and brush neatly click together for tidy storage and there's an integrated hook built into each of the handles.

The stiff bristles of the brush provide a powerful clean.

Dustpan and brush dimensions: W 225mm x H 315mm x D 110mm.

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