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One December 1968, a 16-year-old student was looking for gift inspiration with Christmas just around the corner. He decided to make a candle for his Mum because it would be a completely unique and personal gift.

Using everyday materials he found in the kitchen; household wax, a red crayon, string and a milk carton, he produced his very first candle. A neighbour saw the candle and offered to buy it, leaving the student with enough money to buy more materials to create more – one to gift and one to sell! That was the start of the Yankee Candle® journey…

Following his Christmas 1969 success, a 16-year-old Mike Kittredge begins to design and handcraft candles in his family's kitchen.

With his Dad's help, he opens a small retail shop.

1974 Our first scented apothecary style jar candle hits the market. 1987 We introduce full colour printing to our labels. Previously every illustration had been filled in by hand with coloured pencils.

1998 Across the ocean we go, to Bristol, England, where Yankee Candle International now serves customers in 24 countries.

From this point Yankee Candle® has grown in to a worldwide brand, expanding in to Europe...