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What is an ESE Coffee Pod?

ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso and is an innovation in single serving coffee. Each ESE pods contains 7g of coffee, the perfect amount for a single shot of coffee. This freshly ground coffee is contained inside a paper pod that is 44mm in diameter.

 ESE pods are a fast and convenient way to brew fresh espresso coffee. Each pod is packed in a protective atmosphere and foil wrapped to preserve freshness. No mess and individually wrapped so each cup is as fresh as the first.


French Grande 5*

A luxuriously heavy, dark coffee, full of body and topped with a thick crema.

This coffee has been richly roasted without losing the flavour of the coffee but until the natural sugars have caramelised, providing a coffee that is rich and strong with earthy undertones.

Café Du Monde

A smooth and sophisticated blend that is balanced and versatile. Exquisite on its own but takes milk beautifully making it ideal for lattes or cappuccinos.

Sweet and smooth South American Arabica expertly blended with a touch of high grade Asia Robusta to provide the blend with extra depth and body.

100% Colombian

An exquisite single origin coffee from Colombia. The tropical climate and rich soils provide the perfect conditions for growing excellent quality coffee.

This coffee has a silky body, roasted light-to-medium to provide the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity with floral hint and nutty undertones.

Italian Intenso

A traditional 100% Arabica Italian espresso blend with all of the intensity and passion that this style of coffee is famous for.

High quality Brazilian coffee provides a full body and thick crema along with a sweetness and smoothness. A romantic depth from rich Indonesian coffee adds a complexity that makes this blend particularly special.

Brazilian Santos Decaf

A medium roast, 100% Brazilian Santos coffee with the caffeine extracted. 

A bright and pleasantly delicate, light-bodied coffee with subtle citrus flavours with a refreshing piquant taste.